These are my notes from the SafeMoon Sunday on January 9th, 2022, which happened to be the most exciting #SafeMoonSunday since SafeMoon began.

Completely New Format

  • Lots of past criticism on the level of professionalism.
  • Worlds ahead of what it was.
  • Continuing to improve and evolve
  • Ryan has seemingly moved and is now based in the HQ

SafeMoon Wallet

  • WalletConnect launched, and is integral in rolling out the ecosystem.
  • A significantly faster SWAP, allowing more partners
  • NFT/Collectible Screen and ability on the
  • An ecosystem tab in the wallet – So anyone that has an account with SafeMoon will be featured
    • This sounds like a marketplace of partners that you can use your crypto in your wallet to purchase
      • A rewards program is also going to be built

SafeMoon Connect (One offering of many, more news to come soon)

  • A connector for small businesses to large businesses
    • This sounds like a marketplace of partners that you can use your crypto in your wallet to purchase
      • A rewards program is also going to be built
  • Payment links – Allowing people to send and receive money with a single link, and
  • A hub that can be signed in to
    • Sounds like a SSO for the ecosystem

SafeMoon has their own internal dashboard, helping expedite public relations and other facets of the SafeMoon company.


  • Launching their own NFT Series
    • NaughtyNaughts?
  • MDE Metaverse Development Experience
  • Scaling up NFT team to develop Metaverse technologies
  • NFT’s being able to use on multiple platforms
  • Set up a turbine generator based on a realworld one in the metaverse and have it generate
  • Map genetic code, or a finger print – Instant ID, put it on a QR, drivers license, all updated in real time – Speculating


  • MDE Metaverse Development Experience
  • When purchasing a turbine, an NFT is also minted. The NFT holder is rewarded in SafeMoon proportionally to how well the turbine is functioning.

100% Tax

  • It was a staggered close, and it has been continuously announced on all socials

BitMart Update

  • They ARE going to be doing the right thing
  • Last Friday was the last meeting
    • Good outcome, news being releaesed by BitMart this week

SafeMoon Card

  • A MasterCard allowing you to use pretty much any crypto in your SafeMoon wallet for commerce.
  • Expected Delivery in Q2
  • Launch Edition Special Edition Maybe a possible vote on the design?
  • Will be a waitlist

V2 Successes

  • Caught a scammer and successfully used the blacklist function
    • V2 is heavily focused on security
    • Can help identify bad actors
  • An exchange wallet attempted to be stolen, and the v2 contract was able to blacklist and legal is working through it.

SafeMoon Gaming

  • Will be doing more livestreaming gaming
  • Will be interactive with the community


  • More education is coming out


  • New merch, partnering with a Utah-based company
  • Specialized limited edition drops
  • A link will be on the SafeMoon website once it is launched
  • Anchored Merch to NFT’s!

Operation Pheonix

  • Patented Pending, so proprietary technology that is complex. Allows for the higher efficiency turbines

EU E Money License

  • Allows for Compliance in EU territories
  • Specifically for the exchange. Getting this first BEFORE launching the exchange.
  • Allows for larger institutional players to partner

They are in the process of insuring their treasury and liquidity pools


  • A dedicated team is helping the various exchanges to helping them migrate to v2


  • Being optimized, receiving tremendous volume. 100 million calls, 30 million unique calls last month… API calls are tremendous.
  • Status Page – Looks great, very professional
  • A new announcement system on the website


  • Utilizing workshops to help drive branding

Let me know what you thought of this weeks SafeMoon Sunday in the comments section below!